October talks

It still surprises me that at each talk I deliver, people come up to me to tell me that they have either never heard of Babbage – or if they have didn’t realize what a massive contribution he (not to mention Ada Byron) made to engineering and technological development.  And not just here at home but all over the world, his innovations changed daily life in so many ways. His inventions were so numerous and pervade so many areas  it is not an exaggeration to say that he has probably saved countless lives. I hope my last two talks on this great man  have raised his profile just a little more!

I would like to extend my thanks for the friendly reception at the Royal Fowey Yacht

The Royal Fowey Yacht Club

 in Cornwall.  The Club’s premises occupy an enviable location in this delightful town – I really enjoyed my time there and as I was talking my concentration was nearly distracted as a large ship passed the window!

The Career Break People, Kings Worthy

Then, a week later, a trip to Kings Worthy just outside Winchester to deliver a presentation to the Career Break People  hosted by Ronnie Cloke-Brown.  Ronnie runs a programme called Pondero – Pilates for the mind. Those that attended from this vibrant group asked so many intelligent questions it seems obvious to me that the programme is working – and I would recommend an email to her to find out more.

… and more talks on the horizon – please email me if you would like me to come and talk to your group or organisation.

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