New Release – The Jolly Sailor is about to set sail!

To celebrate the launch of my new play The Jolly Sailor, it will be available FREE to the first TEN theatre companies!

Lucy Simister launches The Jolly Sailor
Lucy Simister

This will include performance license and a copy of the printed book, and the script in pdf format for you to download to your tablet or printout.

The Jolly Sailor is a pirate comedy drama for teenagers. It is based around a group of friends, William, Nigel, Janey, Millicent and Moorsy.

William lives with his paternal grandparents Joan and Abe Carter in Devon, when not at boarding school.  His father Mervin works for Customs and Excise. William is the least adventurous person you could ever meet which suited his family very well.

There was very little William knew about his background and it all came as a shock when the details were revealed to him.  It is true that had it been known that his mother was Gracie O’Donnell – the Pirate Queen – and his grandparents were Irish aristocracy who lived in a castle, his life would have been so very different.

His friends, Moorsy and Millicent must travel to Roscoff in France to collect documents as proof of their widowed mother’s ownership of their farm.  They agreed they should all travel together for the fun and adventure of it, but William does not `do’ adventures and only with some reluctance agrees to go.

The friends walk up and down Plymouth quayside seeking any ship crossing the channel. William’s father awaits them in disguise, and suggests they sail on The Devonian under Captain Mary Reade.  Oh what an ‘interesting’ voyage of plots and counter plots it turned out to be.

So, Wiiliam having been sea sick and moaned to an excess, they arrive at Roscoff.  Nigel and William wait in nearby scrubland on the cliffs whilst Moorsy, Millicent and Janey walk into town to collect the documents they need.  The opportunity is seized by the Cornish Captain Rumtug and his daughter Martha May to kidnap William (leaving Nigel tied up and a little annoyed) and deliver him to Ireland. They have been offered a proposition they cannot refuse. By the time they reach their destination Martha May and William have become close friends  – which is a shame really as she had negotiated a really good profit on his being `escorted’ .

William becomes united with his aristocratic grandparents in their castle, and meets his mother for first time.

The Jolly Sailor
The Jolly Sailor

It is revealed to him that William’s  kidnap was arranged by the family’s manservant Alvise to prevent him being taken captive by the Pearson’s. The Pearson’s worked for a rival band of pirates the Clancies.

So why all the cloak and dagger stuff?   Finding out that one’s mother is a notorious pirate and that his father, a customs officer, knew, and that it was kept a secret from him for his own safety could be very disturbing.

Six weeks later William returns to find his friends on the beach…

Well, things can never ever be the same again – William has an audacious plan to kidnap Martha May.  and after a rough and tumble of events we arrive at the big finale.

Please contact me for licensing details and costs.

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