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Biographies by Lucy Simister:

Charles Babbage from the Beginning.

This is a book that traces the origins and work of this remarkable man, Charles Babbage.

This extraordinary man is largely forgotten by history, and even though, alongside Ada Byron, he is credited as being the inventor of the forerunner of the modern computer his achievements in very many areas of science, technology of engineering are no less impressive and changed the world we live in today. Every one has heard of Brunel (who was his friend) but far fewer have heard of Babbage. This book aims to correct the oversight by exploring this genius and his motivation.

Available on Amazon – Kindle edition £3.00, Paperback £8.92

To Mr John Keats of Teignmouth

One of our greatest poets, John Keats came to Teignmouth in Devon to visit his brother who was dying of Tuberculosis. John came to regard his time in the seaside town as the happiest days of his short life – he too died of the disease. This little book traces his thoughts and feelings through letters and extracts of his most sensitive poetry.

Available on Amazon – Kindle edition £1.99, Paperback £6.95. Also available as audio file – £3.40.

Charles Dickens of the Westcountry

Charles Dickens spent a great deal of time in the Westcountry as a roving reporter. Also here was the place that he bought a house for his errant father. The book charts Charles’s experience in Devon and we can trace the inspiration for some of his characters from the county.

Available on Amazon – Paperback £3.99

Elizabeth Barrett of Torquay

Elizabeth Barrett’s stay in Torquay was to be catalytic in shaping her output over the rest of her life. The good times – her exposure to the intellectual elite of the day – and the bad times – losing her brother in a boating accident – were pivotal. This book concentrates on her social and domestic life – which gives an intimate insight into the real Elizabeth – the person and the poet.

Available from Amazon – Kindle edition £2.46

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