From Royal Fowey Y.C Dear Lucy On behalf of the Commodore and Members of the Royal Fowey Yacht Club we thank you very much for your fascinating talk about Charles Babbage. I think many of us had not realised just how influential and prolific he was. He knew and influenced so many people. Once again,... Continue Reading →

New Release – The Jolly Sailor is about to set sail!

To celebrate the launch of my new play The Jolly Sailor, it will be available FREE to the first TEN theatre companies! This will include performance license and a copy of the printed book, and the script in pdf format for you to download to your tablet or printout. The Jolly Sailor is a pirate comedy... Continue Reading →

October talks

It still surprises me that at each talk I deliver, people come up to me to tell me that they have either never heard of Babbage - or if they have didn't realize what a massive contribution he (not to mention Ada Byron) made to engineering and technological development.  And not just here at home... Continue Reading →

Last night was the first in the season of talks on Charles Babbage.  My deep thanks to all the members of the Crashbox and Classic Car Club who turned out to listen to my presentation about the brilliant, enigmatic and inventive Charles Babbage.  Thanks you for welcoming me so warmly and responding with such interest... Continue Reading →

A prolific writer

This is the article posted in the Teignmouth Post on the author Malcolm Lynch. My thanks to Viv Wilson... (Click on image to display in its own window)    

  PRESS RELEASE: Lucy is excited to announce that Charles Babbage from the Beginning is now published on SMASHWORDS! Activity has been frenzied with 20 downloads in the last two hours. Now you can download the ebook or buy the paperback edition from the following : Smashwords:    (ebook) Barnes & Noble 7... Continue Reading →

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