October talks

It still surprises me that at each talk I deliver, people come up to me to tell me that they have either never heard of Babbage - or if they have didn't realize what a massive contribution he (not to mention Ada Byron) made to engineering and technological development.  And not just here at home... Continue Reading →

Last night was the first in the season of talks on Charles Babbage.  My deep thanks to all the members of the Crashbox and Classic Car Club who turned out to listen to my presentation about the brilliant, enigmatic and inventive Charles Babbage.  Thanks you for welcoming me so warmly and responding with such interest... Continue Reading →

A prolific writer

This is the article posted in the Teignmouth Post on the author Malcolm Lynch. My thanks to Viv Wilson... (Click on image to display in its own window)    

  PRESS RELEASE: Lucy is excited to announce that Charles Babbage from the Beginning is now published on SMASHWORDS! Activity has been frenzied with 20 downloads in the last two hours. Now you can download the ebook or buy the paperback edition from the following : Smashwords:             http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/lucysimister (ebook) Barnes & Noble         http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/charles-babbage-from-the-beginning-lucy-may-simister/1122044648?ean=978151214919 7... Continue Reading →

Charles Babbage from the beginning Charles Dickens of the Westcountry Elizabeth Barrett of Torquay To Mr. John Keats of Teignmouth Charles Babbage from the beginning Available in the following formats: Paperback or Kindle editon available from Amazon Paperback: £6.48 Kindle: £6.16 COMING SOON:  Kobo edition Charles Dickens of the Westcountry Paperback or Kindle edition available... Continue Reading →

Babbage: Much more than the computer

‘Charles Babbage from the Beginning’ is a book in three parts.  Firstly it traces his Devon ancestors, where they lived and who they were.  Part two is about his own life story and his family life, and part three about what inspired him to develop the computer, his work with Ada and the engineering beginnings... Continue Reading →

Tilly: The Cat on the Back Beach

Although I never knew her real name, she had a feisty, scruffy charm, and her charismatic grace and her adventurous spirit to me conjured up the name Tilly. Her stories were published in the local newspaper – the Teignmouth Post - I thought it was long overdue to remember her from her kitten-hood, so watch this space! In the upcoming weeks I will reproduce the adventures as they appeared in the newspaper all those years ago. Follow her – so you can read her adventures in the coming weeks

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