Chateau du Lac – a new novel by Lucy Simister

The Greatest Secrets of them All: Love your Local Library

  In one of those ironic twists of fate I used the internet in part to do some research for the Babbage book.  So - since he was the one who started it - Babbage helped me do some of his own research!  Now there’s a strange thought! He almost invented the time machine... For... Continue Reading →

Charles Babbage from the beginning Charles Dickens of the Westcountry Elizabeth Barrett of Torquay To Mr. John Keats of Teignmouth Charles Babbage from the beginning Available in the following formats: Paperback or Kindle editon available from Amazon Paperback: £6.48 Kindle: £6.16 COMING SOON:  Kobo edition Charles Dickens of the Westcountry Paperback or Kindle edition available... Continue Reading →

Babbage: Much more than the computer

‘Charles Babbage from the Beginning’ is a book in three parts.  Firstly it traces his Devon ancestors, where they lived and who they were.  Part two is about his own life story and his family life, and part three about what inspired him to develop the computer, his work with Ada and the engineering beginnings... Continue Reading →

Not what you might expect…

Here is an odd thing when you are researching and writing the biography of a man like Keats:  One of the questions that is, I suppose, forefront in your mind is “what kind of a person makes a great poet”.  It is a generic question that is rendered redundant as soon as you begin to... Continue Reading →

Charles Babbage – you started it…

These are exciting times we live in I think.  Hands up all those who regularly moan about technology and about how at the most inopportune moment it decides to let us down and refuses to co-operate.  OK, everybody who has ever used technology you can put your hands down now.  I confess I am also... Continue Reading →

Tilly: The Cat on the Back Beach

Although I never knew her real name, she had a feisty, scruffy charm, and her charismatic grace and her adventurous spirit to me conjured up the name Tilly. Her stories were published in the local newspaper – the Teignmouth Post - I thought it was long overdue to remember her from her kitten-hood, so watch this space! In the upcoming weeks I will reproduce the adventures as they appeared in the newspaper all those years ago. Follow her – so you can read her adventures in the coming weeks

What makes a writer?

Dickens’ parents were well off and educated and hailed from middle-class backgrounds, and in the beginning he enjoyed a good standard of living.  He too was well educated, well read and enjoyed music and acting.  He was an abrupt, excitable, impatient young man driven to succeed.   But he would always be distressed by the humiliation... Continue Reading →

Elizabeth Barrett in Torquay

It seems that the South West of England attracted a number of celebrities over the years  - Charles Dickens - now, he bought a house for his parents in Alphington, just outside Exeter and had a close affection for the place.  John Keats lived in Teignmouth for a while although not under the happiest of... Continue Reading →

The Trouble with History

See, the trouble with history is that it is all done and in the past.  Its value today is immeasurable – all those lessons we should have learned, all those people whose thoughts and lives have left messages for us to try to comprehend, all those events that were indispensible to our very existence today,... Continue Reading →

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