Tilly: The Cat on the Back Beach

Although I never knew her real name, she had a feisty, scruffy charm, and her charismatic grace and her adventurous spirit to me conjured up the name Tilly. Her stories were published in the local newspaper – the Teignmouth Post - I thought it was long overdue to remember her from her kitten-hood, so watch this space! In the upcoming weeks I will reproduce the adventures as they appeared in the newspaper all those years ago. Follow her – so you can read her adventures in the coming weeks

What makes a writer?

Dickens’ parents were well off and educated and hailed from middle-class backgrounds, and in the beginning he enjoyed a good standard of living.  He too was well educated, well read and enjoyed music and acting.  He was an abrupt, excitable, impatient young man driven to succeed.   But he would always be distressed by the humiliation... Continue Reading →

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