A fascinating look into the mind of a genius – Charles Babbage

I am very excited to post here the newspaper article published in the Teignmouth Post  - and I must say a huge thanks to John Ware... Click the image to read it in its own window.


Babbage gets involved with the railways.

In 1837 Charles Babbage was asked by Brunel to work with him on the Great Western Railway It was a family affair as his son was working for Brunel at this time. Brunel wanted ‘research into the safety and efficiency’ of the proposed G W R. Babbage was straight on with the job - so... Continue Reading →

Charles Babbage – you started it…

These are exciting times we live in I think.  Hands up all those who regularly moan about technology and about how at the most inopportune moment it decides to let us down and refuses to co-operate.  OK, everybody who has ever used technology you can put your hands down now.  I confess I am also... Continue Reading →

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