From Royal Fowey Y.C Dear Lucy On behalf of the Commodore and Members of the Royal Fowey Yacht Club we thank you very much for your fascinating talk about Charles Babbage. I think many of us had not realised just how influential and prolific he was. He knew and influenced so many people. Once again,... Continue Reading →

Charles Babbage from the beginning Charles Dickens of the Westcountry Elizabeth Barrett of Torquay To Mr. John Keats of Teignmouth Charles Babbage from the beginning Available in the following formats: Paperback or Kindle editon available from Amazon Paperback: £6.48 Kindle: £6.16 COMING SOON:  Kobo edition Charles Dickens of the Westcountry Paperback or Kindle edition available... Continue Reading →

Charles Babbage – you started it…

These are exciting times we live in I think.  Hands up all those who regularly moan about technology and about how at the most inopportune moment it decides to let us down and refuses to co-operate.  OK, everybody who has ever used technology you can put your hands down now.  I confess I am also... Continue Reading →

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