Charles Babbage – you started it…

These are exciting times we live in I think.  Hands up all those who regularly moan about technology and about how at the most inopportune moment it decides to let us down and refuses to co-operate.  OK, everybody who has ever used technology you can put your hands down now.  I confess I am also... Continue Reading →

The Trouble with History

See, the trouble with history is that it is all done and in the past.  Its value today is immeasurable – all those lessons we should have learned, all those people whose thoughts and lives have left messages for us to try to comprehend, all those events that were indispensible to our very existence today,... Continue Reading →

Welcome to my blog!

A warm welcome!  I will use this blog to promote all things Devon - from time to time I will publish some photos of our glorious county and also will promote the books, music and other publications. I author books about famous people with an intimate connection with Devon - Charles Babbage, Elizabeth Barrett, Charles... Continue Reading →

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